Montana Masters in Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs

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Updated on July 12, 2023
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Montana offers several opportunities for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in clinical psychology. While the state may not have APA-accredited doctoral programs in clinical psychology, there are related programs and opportunities for individuals passionate about the field. These programs aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of psychology and its application in clinical settings.

Graduate programs in Montana often emphasize research, teaching, and the application of psychological principles across various domains. While they may not have specific clinical psychology tracks, students can choose from a range of specializations within psychology, such as behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, or social psychology. These programs foster the development of critical thinking skills, research methodologies, and an understanding of human behavior.

Students enrolled in these programs have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty members on research projects, gain hands-on experience through internships or practica, and contribute to the scientific community’s understanding of psychology. Additionally, these programs often emphasize the ethical practice of psychology, cultural competence, and the application of evidence-based interventions.

Although Montana does not currently have APA-accredited clinical psychology doctoral programs, students interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology can explore related programs and gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in various mental health and research settings. It’s important to thoroughly research each program to determine its specific curriculum, faculty expertise, and opportunities for clinical experience.

Now let’s explore some of the graduate programs in psychology available in Montana that can provide a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing advanced studies in the field.

Masters in Clinical Psychology Programs in Montana

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Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Programs in Montana

Here are detailed descriptions of Doctorate of Clinical Psychology programs in Montana:

University of Montana

Weblink: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Description: The University of Montana’s Department of Psychology offers a Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. This is an APA-accredited program and follows a scientist-practitioner model, training students to contribute to the field of clinical psychology in terms of research, teaching, and practice.

The curriculum offers a comprehensive grounding in the basic content areas of psychology and in clinical practice. Students can also take advantage of the department’s particular strengths in health psychology, neuropsychology, and experimental psychopathology.

In the first year, students typically complete coursework, begin supervised clinical practice, and initiate a first-year research project. Throughout their tenure, students are involved in continuous research activity, leading to the completion of a master’s thesis and a doctoral dissertation.

The program also offers practicum opportunities with diverse populations and in various treatment settings, such as the University’s Psychological Services Clinic, local hospitals, community mental health centers, schools, and more.

After completing all coursework, exams, and dissertation research, students undertake a full-year internship in an APA-accredited or APPIC-member site.

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