Alaska Masters in Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs

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Updated on July 12, 2023
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Clinical psychology graduate programs provide advanced study in understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and promoting subjective well-being and personal development. As a student, you would likely learn about a broad range of psychological disorders, psychotherapeutic treatments, behavioral health, and more.

In the context of Alaska, the cultural, environmental, and geographical aspects of the state could influence your graduate studies. For example, Alaska’s significant Indigenous populations could offer unique opportunities to study and work with these communities, focusing on culturally competent care. The vast and often remote geography of the state could also expose you to unique challenges and opportunities around providing mental health care to underserved or hard-to-reach populations. Additionally, Alaska’s unique environmental conditions, such as long, dark winters, could offer opportunities to study their impact on mental health.

The curriculum of a graduate program in clinical psychology usually includes coursework, supervised clinical experience (like practicum placements or internships), and often a research component, such as a thesis or dissertation. Consider how each program integrates these elements, as well as how the faculty’s expertise aligns with your career goals and research interests.

Given the high-stakes nature of clinical psychology work, licensure is also a critical consideration. Most jurisdictions require a doctoral degree (like a PsyD or PhD in Psychology), supervised work experience, and a passing score on an examination to become licensed to practice as a clinical psychologist. Some master’s level programs, however, can lead to licensure as a mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist.

Masters in Clinical Psychology Programs in Alaska

Here are some Masters in Clinical Psychology programs in Alaska:

University of Alaska Anchorage

Weblink: Clinical Psychology Master of Science Program

Description of Program: The University of Alaska Anchorage’s Master of Science program in Clinical Psychology aims to train competent, ethical and culturally sensitive health service psychologists who are ready to serve in the mental health workforce. The program encompasses a balanced training model that incorporates the integration of theory, research, and practice. Students engage in intensive coursework, as well as supervised practicum experiences, gaining practical experience in various mental health settings. Research is also an essential component of the program, with students completing a master’s thesis as part of the degree requirements. Furthermore, the program reflects its Alaskan context, aiming to serve the diverse communities within the state, including rural and indigenous populations.

Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Programs in Alaska

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