10+ San Francisco Psychology Degree Programs & Majors

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Updated on July 5, 2024
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The field of psychology in San Francisco is a dynamic and thriving domain that plays a vital role in the well-being of individuals in the city. While other cities in California have more psychology degree programs, San Francisco is still a great choice. The city’s diverse population also provides unique opportunities for psychologists to explore various cultural perspectives and address multiple mental health concerns.

Let’s examine the Psychology degrees in San Francisco that you might be interested in

San Francisco On Campus Psychology Degrees

San Francisco, known for its cultural diversity and innovative spirit, is a prime location for students pursuing psychology degrees. The city is home to several prestigious institutions offering a range of psychology programs, each with unique strengths. Institutions like the University of San Francisco provide a rigorous BA in Psychology program that integrates behavioral science within a traditional liberal arts framework, emphasizing theoretical foundations and practical research skills. 

San Francisco State University offers a comprehensive BA in Psychology that explores all facets of human experience and applies scientific methods to solve real-world challenges. Golden Gate University and the California Institute of Integral Studies also offer distinctive programs, including an integrative BA in Psychology and advanced degrees focused on clinical psychology and integral counseling, respectively.

These universities equip students with essential critical thinking, communication, and research skills, fostering a multifaceted understanding of psychological principles. Graduates are well-prepared for various professional careers and advanced studies, spanning fields like counseling, social work, business, education, and law.

University of San Francisco

Program: BA in Psychology
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $2,135 per credit

Program Overview: This program provides students with a deep dive into behavioral science within the framework of a traditional liberal arts education. Through rigorous coursework, students delve into foundational psychological theories and gain practical experience in laboratory and field research settings. This comprehensive approach prepares students for various professional careers and sets a solid foundation for advanced studies in psychology and related disciplines such as social work, counseling, law, and education.

By emphasizing theoretical knowledge and hands-on research skills, the program equips students with the critical thinking and analytical abilities necessary to thrive in diverse professional and academic environments. Graduates emerge well-prepared to apply psychological principles effectively in real-world settings and to pursue further education or specialized training in their chosen field of interest.

San Francisco State University

Program:  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $29,700 per year

Program Overview: Psychology explores every facet of human experience—brain functions, social dynamics, workforce management, and caregiving. Psychologists contribute across diverse fields like research, counseling, business, and education, using scientific methods to understand and enhance human life.

Students in a Psychology Major master psychological research and the scientific method to improve human understanding and well-being. They apply their knowledge in labs, therapy sessions, businesses, or classrooms to tackle real-world challenges and foster positive societal change.

Golden Gate University

Program: Psychology, BA
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $462 per unit

Program Overview: This integrates a rigorous investigation of the foremost topics, significant concepts, and core theoretical perspectives within the discipline of psychology along with the essential tenets of liberal arts education, including practical oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving strategies, techniques to ensure information literacy, methods for quantitative fluency and an appreciation of lifelong learning.

 California Institute of Integral Studies

Program:  Doctor in Clinical Psychology
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $1,537 per unit

Program Overview: As a program steeped in depth-oriented psychology, we prize complex thinking, respect for the unconscious, and a welcoming of multiple perspectives. Our unique clinical psychology program is built on three foundational pillars, centering contemporary psychodynamic theory, humanistic, existential, and transpersonal perspectives, and a strong social justice orientation. We emphasize deepening development, expanding worldviews, and ongoing spiritual awakenings, creating an integral vehicle for therapeutic presence, care, responsiveness, and change. Our model rests upon three major pillars

Program: Master of Arts in Integral Counseling Psychology
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition:  $21,700per year

Program Overview: The holistic orientation of the Integral Counseling Psychology program invites students to articulate their vision of psychology within modern theoretical approaches. Students benefit from a spiritually oriented, multicultural, libratory framework for therapy with individuals, groups, couples, and families.

San Francisco Online Psychology Degrees

San Francisco’s educational institutions have embraced the flexibility and accessibility of online learning, offering comprehensive psychology programs that cater to a diverse range of students. 

California Institute of Integral Studies

Program: Online B.S. in Psychology
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $8,900 per year

Program Overview: The B.S. in Psychology completion program provides the opportunity to focus on the scientific aspects of the field, including neurobiology, cognition, trauma, and consciousness. Additionally, our program fosters a global perspective by critically engaging both Western and non-Western perspectives in psychological frameworks and practices.

University of San Francisco

Program: Psychology Online Bachelor’s Degree 
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $495 per unit

Program Overview: The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology offers a foundation in the analysis and critical evaluation of psychological literature; the communication of psychological concepts and facts both orally and in writing; and the development of psychological research including design, data analysis, measurement and basic computer operation. This B.A. degree provides an excellent foundation for work in the community in many fields that involve human relations and behavior. In addition, the undergraduate degree is excellent preparation for graduate school in all fields of psychology, and other behavioral and social sciences, as well as for graduate programs in business, law, medicine, and many other professional fields.

San Francisco Specialized Psychology Programs

San Francisco, while offering a relatively limited number of specialized psychology master’s programs compared to other states, remains a top choice for professionals seeking advanced education in this field. The city’s prestigious institutions provide high-caliber programs that blend rigorous academic coursework with practical, real-world applications, preparing graduates for impactful careers in various psychological disciplines.

San Francisco State University 

Program: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology 
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $5 to $100 per session

Program Overview: The Clinical Psychology Masters Program at SF State was founded in 1952 and has been running continually ever since. The program emphasizes theoretical and applied training from psychodynamic, family systems, multicultural, and community psychology perspectives. The program provides two years of full-time training, leading to the Master of Science degree in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology, as well as the academic preparations and pre-master’s supervised hours for the State of California Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) license. The California Board of Behavioral Sciences also requires post-master’s hours for licensure as an MFT, and most students complete this roughly within two years after graduation. Given the course and practicum requirements of the program, full-time employment while enrolled is usually not possible

Program:  Master of Arts in School Psychology 
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $420 per unit

Program Overview: This degree program leads to the Pupil Personnel Services Credential with authorization in School Psychology. Designed primarily for full-time SF State students, an M.S. is earned after successful completion of the fourth semester. The Pupil Personnel Services Credential with an authorization in School Psychology is awarded after completing the sixth semester in the program.

Program: Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $20,276 per year

Program Overview: The SF State Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology spans two years with 37 units, including a 300-hour internship and culminating experience. Emphasizing the scientist/practitioner model, it integrates theoretical and empirical foundations. With electives tailored to student interests, the program attracts applicants nationwide, primarily from psychology backgrounds, preparing them for professional I/O roles or further academic pursuits.

University of San Francisco

Program: Clinical Psychology, PsyD
Location:  San Franciso, CA
Program Tuition: $27,990 per year

Program Overview: At the University of San Francisco, PsyD students receive practical, community-focused training to address mental, emotional, and physical health needs in underserved communities. The program equips students to translate psychological theory into effective interventions. This prepares graduates for impactful careers in clinical psychology, where they advocate for and enhance the well-being of diverse populations, aligning with the university’s commitment to community service and equitable healthcare access.